When trying out a new programming language for the first time, a common tradition in the software development word is to make the words "Hello World" appear on the screen. In my case, this small program is often all I need to get hooked into a new language, giving me a glimpse of what it might be possible to do with it. To keep the tradition alive, I will start this blog, my personal corner of the internet, with the same two words:

Hello World!

Even though the idea of having a space to write more casually had been in my mind for a long time, I hadn't done it because of how hard and time consuming I found it to coherently write my thoughts down. In the past few years, I put a conscious effort into improving my writing, which made me realize that only by deliberate practice is it possible to get better at this endeavor.

Having said this, with this blog, I am aiming at two things. On the one hand, I want to keep practicing my writing. On the other, and maybe more important, I want to keep a log of the topics and ideas that interest me. Because of my broad range of interests, don't expect this blog to follow a coherent theme. Instead, you will find posts about topics that are currently exciting to me. At the moment, this includes productivity, technology, software, math, machine learning, health, visualization, and computer graphics.

If the level of excitement that I felt while writing this page is, as has been the case with "Hello Worlds" in other programming languages, an indicator of my future commitment to this blog, I believe this will be a great journey. I hope that you join me and that you enjoy the upcoming content. See you around!